• kristine williams

    March 14, 2022 at 2:22 pm

    Hi Daniel, yesterday I had gone through and read each of Goldessence’s (group 4 🙂 PM posts, and was wondering if I had missed yours. It was also a busy work day and a thought crossed my mind, should I text Daniel and see if I had missed his post? I decided against it, as you would likely post when you and your PM was ready to be seen, and I would see it when it was time. I received confirmation when I saw the email alert for your post this morning. I feel like you took me on a journey with your post. Thank you for showing up and being vulnerable. When each one of us gets a little deeper, I feel the entirety of the group grow (both our small groups and the larger one). I am grateful you are here, on your own journey and on a journey with each one of us. Thank you for sharing.