• kristine williams

    March 14, 2022 at 2:42 pm

    Hi Lauren, I just wanted to come back to your post. I am a bit of a “digester”, I dont know if that is a word but I will often read, come back later, re-read, integrate and sense my way through posts. Since getting to know you I have been able to do that from a multi-dimensional perspective. I relate to witch wounds, not wanting to draw too much attention to oneself, fear of being one’s self, and putting a protective barrier around myself such as being nice, getting good grades, people pleasing etc. I too found myself numbing out in my teens really up until a few years ago. At which point I started to see myself for who I actually am, deep down and finding what I was looking for which was me. Not the person I was told to be, not the wounded person, no labels, just me. What a wild ride. It isn’t comfortable and it isn’t easy. The ride is far from over but I am looking forward to helping each other get to where our soul’s are calling us to go in this lifetime. Thank you for opening up, I often find that speaking is transformative, like it is a healing spell, it is no longer inside us but when it is released healing and alchemy can occur. Glad to do it in this safe space with you.