• Lorie Dechar

    March 15, 2022 at 4:11 pm

    Christine, this is a mighty interesting symptom … one that it is difficult to really address without having a more in-depth consultation. There are so many possibilities for what it’s all about.

    But for starters, I might begin by asking what this symptom is inviting of you rather than focusing on trying to control it or “get rid of it.” Why has it come? Why does it persist? How can you transform it from lead to gold?

    Clearly it is a spirit level symptom. You mention the hun and from a traditional Taoist psychological view, we could describe it as a situation where the shen and the hun are not at rest but wander at night, which could point us in the direction of blood deficiency or sequela to some kind of unresolved shock or trauma.

    But I would also be interested in whether this symptom points in the direction of an as yet untapped and unregulated gift that has yet to be fully integrated, a capacity to “see” beyond the ordinary levels of sight. I am not suggesting that you force anything here or assume that the hallucinations are “real” on other dimensions, just that you may have a kind of sight that is asking to be developed but also contained.

    Because you mention the need to pee after waking from the experience, I think it might be helpful to strengthen your Water as well as your capacity to root and ground the spirits so a suggestion is to massage your feel with sesame oil, particularly the area of K 1, and then put on a pair of warm socks before getting into bed. This is an Ayurvedic treatment that is very good for rooting the qi and supporting the bladder and kidneys.

    Give this a try and muse a bit on the questions above and keep us posted!