• Lorie Dechar

    March 15, 2022 at 4:44 pm

    Ah … Daniel … thank you for sharing your prima materia. Thank you for the poetry of your words and the journey you take us on as you unfold, enfold, unpack and reveal what is alive and true and inviting you to grow at this moment in your soul’s incarnation .

    I second and affirm Kristine’s words: “I am grateful you are here, on your own journey and on a journey with each one of us. Thank you for sharing.”

    I do not know the details of what you have been sorting through – the feeling of “not belonging” or your gifts of wisdom not being received in the way you meant them to be but I do know that you have beautifully distilled your prima materia into a potent and clear message to the cosmos:

    “What is freedom and how can I live it?”

    In and through this clear call to transformative intention, I also feel that you are committing to the work of being a shamanic healer, an alchemist and a guide and teacher to others. I feel your willingness to bear the humbling mis-steps as well as the joy and satisfaction of clearly transmitting your hard-earned wisdom to others. You are on your path and, like all of us, have lessons to grapple with and skills to hone along the way.

    I still remember my first conversation with you in late summer as you were considering joining the mentorship. It was dusk in Maine, still warm, and I was sitting out on our deck as the sun set and Venus appeared in the Western sky. I heard the courage of your being as well as the difficult and at times dangerous cracks and crevices your were traversing. I had a deep sense of your gifts and of your destiny to be a healer and teacher to others. I am grateful you made the decision to join this crazy alchemical caravan and I look forward to supporting you in any way I can.

    The quest for freedom is the ultimate quest of the soul. It is the eagle’s flight, the whale’s dive, the super-nova’s explosive celebration of light, the monarch caterpillar’s surrender into dissolution before the discovery of wings. I feel that this is the level of your question and the level where your answer will be found.

    I as well as others are here to witness and support you. We may mirror you in ways that do not always and immediately be recognizable or ease-ful … but ultimately we are here as your allies. Your journey is celebrated and your hard inner work is seen and deeply appreciated.