• Babbie Stern

    March 18, 2022 at 6:08 am

    I reread a passage in The Alchemy of Inner Work this morning that resonates with me deeply…pages 121-123, Lorie is speaking of the Metal element and Quintessence “a faith so impossible it is barely whispered: life will return and ‘I will surrender to transformation’ will again become “I am!”…an awesome surrender in the face of the infinite…it invites us to breathe deep into loss and not avert our gaze from the tragedy of our own story…”

    ”but by taking my time, breathing into my grief, and saying yes instead of no to the restriction and the loss, something opens in my being.”

    “Your gold: You transform your desperate fear of emptiness into the spacious serenity of not knowing.”

    And the beautiful hope-filled message: “trusting the knowing of the star that tumbled into you at the moment of your conception, you move beyond the limitations…and surrender to the infinite.”