• Stephanie Nosco

    March 18, 2022 at 7:36 am

    Hi Vicki,

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I actually read it a while ago, but I have been working with similar themes in my own life and thought of you this morning as I was contemplating.

    I resonated a lot with your use of language, experiencing yourself as a collection of parts because<font face=”inherit”> I do a lot of IFS (parts work) with my therapy clients. One of the slogans we use in this modality is: “all parts are welcome”. This is true even when they are causing us distress, and the work is not necessarily to get rid of them, but rather, integrate them as a part of our inner family. In fact, the founder of the Richard Schwartz, theorizes that it is impossible to eliminate parts of ourselves. What we can do is witness them, unburden them, and allow them to take on a new role. Perhaps that part of you that wants to die is ready to take on a new role? Or perhaps she is still scared? I wonder what she would rather do if she wasn’t so concerned with hiding and stifling your voice? I also wonder if there is another part in your system that wants the one who is hiding to die, because she longs to be free?

    I suppose this is what Lorie was pointing to in post regarding transformation- which is a death of sorts. I offer this language only because some younger parts get scared, and “new role” is a gentler way of describing transformation which can be less intimating for those younger parts of our soul. I am also curious if you got a chance to do a ritual?

    I am excited to chat more about this during our group meeting this weekend!