• Lorie Dechar

    March 18, 2022 at 8:49 am

    Quite a dream, Angela! I have the sense that this dream is an invitation to an inner shift regarding “who is driving?” What part of the psyche is steering the golf cart? It’s not that it’s a problem that your shirtless chiropractor is at the helm but rather that he is not relating to you while he is driving, not caring about your comfort and well-being while he rides rough-shod over the bumpy terrain.

    There is a concept in depth psychology called “the animus.” Perhaps you have heard of it. It refers to a kind of archetypal inner partner or contrasexual component of a woman’s psyche. We get into this concept much more in what we call the “Level II Mentorship” that follows the Level I for those who want to go deeper but for now. without getting into too much complex analysis, I would suggest that your dream chiropractor is standing in for a part of this archetype in you. The animus is meant to serve the woman, not control or criticize her. In real life terms, this means that a woman feels she is backed up by a loving inner voice who takes her thoughts, creativity and feeling life seriously. The dream, for me, is inviting you to begin to stand up to your animus and insist that “he” relate to you and care about you. Stay alert to internal voices that impose outer values and goals on you rather than caring about your authentic nature and wisdom, and do not collude with them!

    Why P 8 may have been activated? Well, we are talking about a relationship here, a relationship to an inner “other” … and the dream suggests that there has been a breach or break in relatedness, perhaps even something of a betrayal of the feeling life. This is the terrain of Palace of Weariness.

    As a kind of ritual in response to this dream, I might suggest that you read the section on the Pericardium in Kigo (p.128-129) and also the writing on P 8 (pages 160-164). The suggested treatment strategy on p. 164 is also worth considering.

    Of course, I am only beginning to get to know you, Angela, so I do not know how any of this will resonate but please stay in touch and let’s see what arises as the process unfolds.