• Lauren Potts

    March 19, 2022 at 6:23 am

    Hey Daniel,

    I’m circling back with some more space available to ponder with you and what you’ve written. Again, a big thank you for your share and for being willing to invite us into your process even despite some hesitation. I recognize that you have an abundance of courage to face into yourself in the pursuit of self-development. It’s a whole other layer of courage to invite others to share in what your mirror is reflecting while you’re in mid-process. This has been a theme for me and I wonder if you can relate. I’m pretty dedicated and self-reliant when it comes to figuring out my stuff but I used to only share once I had it all figured out and tied up neatly in a bow, the messy bits tucked in and resolved. Very Metal/Virgo of me. I’ve been working on letting myself show up mid-process and messy sometimes and allowing support to filter into those places. It changes the outcome, for me, and allows relationships to deepen. I think that one’s willingness to be vulnerable and expose their work as it’s in development might crack open new possibilities.

    The thing that strikes me most about your writing is the connection between this place of self-examination and the desire for freedom. I want to acknowledge what sounds, to me, like a painful and contractive process in checking yourself in all the places you communicate. It’s painful and isolating to feel misunderstood, and that sucks. I wonder how much that energy of self-checking feels like self-censorship and crystalizes the desire for freedom?

    I do think it’s an important pursuit to check in with how your words land, and that knowing that you mean well is great but doesn’t always transmit. We can’t take full responsibility for how we are received by others, but making an effort to calibrate our communication to the listener feels like a step in the direction of receptivity (both for the listener and the communicator). Kudos for being willing to take that on. Making the connection between that process and where you ultimately landed around the theme of freedom, I’m struck by the dynamic between personal freedom and freedom that is more inclusive, far reaching and, as you say, inspires the same in others. That more wide and far reaching freedom may be one that tempers personal expressions of freedom sometimes for the good of the whole. I’m actually thinking of capitalism here vs. …I don’t know exactly…something better 😉. But on a microcosmic scale. Does any of this land for you? Just some thoughts that your words inspired and I’m curious if they have a place in your process – maybe, maybe not 🙂 Let me know.

    Much love to you 🙏💖🙏