• Daniel Domoleczny

    March 19, 2022 at 5:13 pm

    Thanks for your input Benjamin,

    I am appreciative of the point of view that you bring from an astrological perspective. Up until recently I would have not had as much awareness of that field of study but with my fiance having been in it for a couple years now I have a much greater feel that I used to and therefore it resonates on a much deeper level for me.

    As to your question…

    “I’d love to be able to stay in conversation about this dynamic if and as it arises through the year. Okay?”

    -Yes that seems appropriate and this is the place for that type of observation. The input of well meaning people and healers, if well timed and well placed, can be very poignant. Bruising potentially but others can see things in us that we miss. Others can also project things that are not there but I feel that finding the gold in the flow of this process is also part of our work. I look forward to the challenges as difficult as they may be. No mud, no lotus!

    “I have to wonder, too, if there is some joy that is derived from arriving at your own authority, and being recognized for the effort it has taken/will take to arrive there.”

    -This is ABSOLUTELY spot on. I am a merit based person for better or worse. This helps to keep my inner judgement at bay as I have deep respect for those who overcome their circumstances as so many in this group have. It is really amazing actually. I see the person that has molded something out of the clay that they were given and I am so motivated by people’s stories to be a better version of myself because of their continuous efforts. Simultaneously, I have to more vociferously remind myself of the nature of all beings as they are, BEING. This has its own merit and the work for me, is to be proud of the end-product as well as they clay and the molder simultaneously. I enjoy being seen for who I believe myself to be and hopefully I can work on doing the same for others. Your observation is a good one and is moving the gears, or neurons, or whatever machine is in operation right now.

    And finally, this:

    Can I ask what branch of the service you served in and where you performed that service?

    -I was in the US Army. Went in right after high school. I served 4 years and I was stationed in many places in the US but mainly in Louisana (Ft. Polk) and near Seattle (Ft. Lewis). In addition I served one tour in Iraq upon the initial stages of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We can certainly discuss the needless invasion of a sovereign country but this is likely not the forum for that. I will say that I was not a very willing participant but there is not many choices that you have as a soldier. Additionally, my family is from Palestine and I speak Arabic. Not fluently as I would like but enough to get by. So being in a country that spoke the same language and had many of the same customs as I am used to was an added layer of difficulty. Fortunately I have all of my faculties and a unique experience that undoubtedly changed me. Thank you for asking.