• Anita Chopra

    March 20, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    Thank you for this post. I just read it. The world and its suffering on a global level of this political climate is palpable. I feel grateful for peace in my country yet at the same time feelings of sorrow and anger of people fleeing and being traumatized by the events in their country. This crossroads and alchemy to me means healing the parts of our selves that are pained and reaching our ancestry to move forward with universal and individual heart connections in our present time instead of just more of the same over and over. I am questioning if what am I doing even makes a difference?

    The empathy I have is that those fleeing their homes for safety is my late father’s experience. I just discovered his full story before his birthday February 24, talk about timing. Leaving his home as a 9 year old boy which was divided from his mother country to walk to the new border of his home country for a chance at life and peace happened just one generation ago in my family. My desire to learn about his story came from here, the alchemy of healing talks. (Thank you to Ben for encouraging me to share my fathers story) What happened to to my father( fleeing to find peace) is happening to so many now and ancestors in the past.

    It is clear to me our human experience is more universal than different and in my heart I want to believe the greater human consciousness will prevail or in simple terms the collective good in all of us. I honestly have no idea where this year will lead but I can say personally I am asking myself big questions and asking how do I hurt? How do I connect with others? How can I grow? …and do better?