• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 22, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    Hi Daniel – I want to respond to what you’ve written to me above, but before I do I need to acknowledge the great exchange between you and Lauren, which is both helping me to learn more about you and about Lauren, but also to simply learn, which I’m grateful to you both for.

    I appreciate how you have identified what you are doing as “mid-process sharing” … that really gets at something for me. When I think about our clients or patients, in essence that is what we invite them to do. They do not come to us, we do not go to the people who support our processes, with everything all figured out and neatly presented. It gets messy, it is messy. And there is something raw, sometimes embarrassing, most always vulnerable about showing ourselves to another(s) in this in-process state. But we always say that we can’t really invite another person into this kind of healing process, and then meet them there, if we are not capable and willing to go there ourselves. So, a BIG thank you for your willingness to reveal your “mid-process sharing.”

    It’s also pretty cool, too, that you are just a week or so into this ‘Freedom project,’ so we truly are getting reports from the front line, so to speak, as you engage in this inquiry and experiment.

    And then this,

    … but when I do not talk, I can be a much better observer and I can channel that energy of sharing into other areas that I can use for other perception. Therefore I can use mindfulness to be more present knowing I will at some point work it out. I did not come to this overnight. It has taken time and practice when it has been least comfortable. But that is where the work is and when I think I am most proud of that ability.

    Alchemy in action, which always takes time, in my experience, and is often uncomfortable. I often feel those qualities tip us off to the truth that we are actually growing and changing, and hopefully discovering a more full expression of our potential. I love that you are discovering some of this sense of yourSelf through quiet, Daniel. There is so much to hear and observe in silence.

    I’m glad to know my astrological take could resonate for you based on your exposure to astrology via your fiancé. I find it a very useful language for understanding ourselves at the level of soul. Thanks for letting me know you’re good with it.

    “No mud, no lotus!” Well put!! It does feel important to discern what is useful observation/feedback to your process vs. what might be projection, and no way to really make that distinction without taking the risk to communicate with one another when some feeling or experience constellates, so thank you, again, for the invitation to engage in this way as the year continues to unfold.

    I am a merit based person for better or worse. This helps to keep my inner judgement at bay as I have deep respect for those who overcome their circumstances as so many in this group have. It is really amazing actually. I see the person that has molded something out of the clay that they were given and I am so motivated by people’s stories to be a better version of myself because of their continuous efforts.

    Daniel, as an astrologer, it’s affirming and exciting for me to read what I’ve quoted from you here. You are describing, in essence, primary defining qualities of Capricorn. Merit for achievement. The tendency to inner judgement (which, I feel, is a driver for further effort toward one’s goals). Overcoming challenging circumstance. Continuous efforts. These are Capricorns resources, its inherent gifts, its reason for being.

    I have to more vociferously remind myself of the nature of all beings as they are, BEING. This has its own merit and the work for me, is to be proud of the end-product as well as they clay and the molder simultaneously.

    Would you say that another way of framing what you’re saying above here is that you are working to suspend judgement? And asking others to hopefully do the same for you as you mold your own clay?

    Thanks for sharing about your military duty, the extent of it, and a bit about your experience and feeling about being in Iraq. Indeed, a much larger conversation for another time and one I would be interested in asking into. I’m sure many of us have things to learn from your personal experience as a soldier. I’m glad to know you returned from that tour with your faculties intact. I know so many others are impacted in more harmful ways.