• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 22, 2022 at 1:07 pm

    Ellen! Let me echo Lauren’s thanks for sharing what is stirring in you. Google translate worked! I understood every word and sentiment you expressed, and I’m grateful for the passion, clarity, and movement in your words.

    I hope you have fully recovered from covid, or at least that it is not a continuous drain on your energy. I can hear how you made the most of the enforced stillness. And I also hope that you and your friend will minimize your time in Las Vegas 🤪 (though it is a phenomenon worth seeing once in a lifetime) and focus instead on the beautiful surroundings. When will you visit?

    I was particularly keen to read your thoughts and feelings about the prime minister of the Netherlands. Of course, having lived here in the States through 4 years of Trump as our President, you can imagine the ease with which we can empathize with your perspective. I had never heard of the “7 ticks man,” but it is a helpful framework. Imagine a world where those men born with the 7 ticks would actually be required to channel their privilege and opportunity in the direction of helping others in some significant and meaningful way.

    The “only real universal Prima Materia” … “see me, feel me, hear me for who I am.” Yes! I think it does come down to that, and yet it takes as many forms as their are people in the world. In a holographic way, beginning with one piece of distilled lead generally guides us to the larger universal life theme. But we’ve found it helpful to get granular in working with people, at least at the outset as a means of finding a way into relatedness.

    I wish we could have this conversation around a campfire, and we can hold the possibility of that experience as one that is most assuredly warming to my heart. Thank you!