• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    March 24, 2022 at 2:07 am

    Hey Daniel – I got an email notification on Tuesday of a response from you to me, but when I follow it to this thread the actual post isn’t appearing. Did you perhaps delete it? It started, “Hey Benjamin – Thanks for observing the exchange btw Lauren and I.”

    Anyway, I want to respond myself, so will do so here. I can feel the kinship(s) developing within the larger group of the mentorship – both yours and Laurens as well as others – and it delights both me and Lorie. Those interpersonal connections have always been a central focus of what we aim to cultivate in our work, and I’m pleased to know that they are possible even through a virtual container.

    And thanks for clarifying that it was Lauren who coined “mid-process sharing.” I’m sure that is apparent if I go back and do a careful read of the thread here. I’m interested in your experience with ritual/ceremonies. Can you share more? I agree they are sorely missed in our modern culture.

    You write,

    However, the story telling itself has its own power so there is a line there in simply sitting and listening and finding the pieces that are needed for the process to be successful, in my experience anyways. This keen ear/eye/thought process is useful for some environments but not all. The helpful part wants to always be of service. Slowly, I am learning that the service sometimes is simply being there.

    You’ll hear Lorie say again and again that “anything that stirs the qi can be used as a needle in Alchemical Healing.” That includes, of course, our stories – how we share them, how we receive them, how we hold presence for them. I am witnessing more and more that this simple act of truly seeing another is perhaps the most profound healing we can offer as it allows us to see ourselves.

    I’m grateful to be getting to know you better, Daniel, through these exchanges, and look forward to seeing you again soon on Zoom when we meet on April 2.