• Joanne Chang

    March 24, 2022 at 11:39 am

    Liz, thank you. I feel so much resonance in your words and absolutely love how you’ve given physicality to the often unhelpful voices within. In my own process I’ve been naming it as “fear” — fear of moving forward, fear of being left behind, but it’s more than that — they are many voices, like a council, and giving it shape + identity feels like a key to doing the work. I am going to sit with my council tonight and ask them what they really need from me.

    It makes sense that we would want to abandon the council for its incessant negative chatter. I wonder what happens when we decide to stay? I wonder if abandoning them makes them more scared, more anxious. Like a child, they need to know we are never going to leave.

    Sending love to you.