• Lorie Dechar

    March 24, 2022 at 11:55 am

    Definite alchemy underway, Christine, and really good inner work. As you say, just continue to muse on all this, both the possibilities of containing the symptom in appropriate ways as well as staying open to the possible invitation to growth. I have a feeling that both are relevant as you work to transform this issue.

    I am moved by the work you are doing on a spiritual level, particularly the ancestral work with your maternal grandfather.

    I’m interested in the fact that your new acupuncturist found the heart crack on the tongue and also mentioned blood deficiency. I would stay curious about that because, of course, both the shen and the hun rely on the blood (both liver and heart blood) for a nice, rich and cozy nest to rest in at night. I have found that nourishing the blood can have a very positive effect on the shen. I like to use bone broth (if you are not a vegetarian) as well as a Swiss fruit and herbal syrup called Floradix (available at most good health food stores) as a first step. Also moxa on the outer bladder point of the pericardium – Bl 43 (38) (see pages 175-178 in Kigo). And then, if your practitioner does prescribe herbs, perhaps an herbal preparation might be good but I would hold off and try other options first.

    Keep us posted as you continue to