• Vicki Rivard

    March 27, 2022 at 6:50 pm

    Dear Benjamin,

    It has taken me awhile to get back to you, but I absolutely love this message! It reminds me of a conversation I had with my astrologer once. I told her, “I never feel as though I quite belong.” She laughed (kindly) and said, “That is the Aquarian lament!”

    Thank you for this: “…you must embrace a new kind of existence that honors the truth of who you are! We’re not going to let you settle for mere survival! And, in fact, we need you not to.”

    Throughout the course of my life, I have often felt that my authentic expression/questioning would “rock the boat” and lead to rejection, which would threaten my very survival.

    I now believe that the boat needs to be rocked! Gently, but persistently. Discomfort is required. We have been comfortable (aka complacent) for far too long—and look where it has led us!

    Becoming exiled from the collective due to “asking questions that have never been asked before” scares me, but I do feel as though this is one of the crossroads I am facing now, and I do feel as though I am getting closer and closer to choosing the path of unabashed authenticity.

    (Unabashed authenticity! Imagine that! The words themselves feel like a celebration.)

    I came across this quote in Toko-Pa Turner’s incredible book, Belonging. About the Outcast, she writes:

    “In the end, her triumph is a place of belonging in the world that is unimpeachable, not only because she has wrought it from scratch, but because it is large enough to shelter others.”

    Beautiful, right?

    I imagine New Earth will be made up of plenty of unbelongers, who will wholly belong to themselves and each other (and Spirit—that infinite force that connects and enlivens us all).

    I am so grateful for your companionship and support on this journey (and your astrological perspective on things—what a gift). Thank you.