• Daniel Domoleczny

    March 28, 2022 at 7:59 am


    The relationships are so important in my life and this program is no different. There is something nice about seeing the written word and to be able to respond to it in the way that we have. Although I would be remiss to say that the in-person energy exchange has immense powers too. With time, and more meetings our exchanges have been deeper and with more ease. Hopefully that will continue!

    The ritual/ceremonial part of what you were asking about… Plant medicine ceremonies I think were the start of the conscious part for me. I had been in other ceremonies as well, Sufi, Buddhist, sweat lodge and the sort of cultural stuff like weddings and the like. But it was with the medicines that these were experienced with much more reverence and understanding. That there was awareness of an actual container and its contents. Preparation and intention was required plus space for integration. There are unconscious rituals I believe that are happening all the time for everyone, myself included. Adding the conscious choice to be engaged and reframe what we enter into as ceremonial is a way to add this ritual into our everyday (Capricorn of course). Superimpose a more focused ritualistic ceremony that we can practice at various points we cross the boundaries of our thinking mind into embodiment. Which, if I am understanding right is part of what we are trying to do in this program. Much appreciation to you for opening the door for this share.