• Daniel Domoleczny

    March 28, 2022 at 8:28 am


    Thank you for sharing. Transforming feeling into words is such an acute process for me and I am always in amazement when people can do that in any fashion. So thank you.

    You stated,

    I am at a crossroads, now. Do I continue to hide myself, in order
    to belong and survive? Or do I embrace a new kind of existence—one that
    honours the truth of who I am and of how I see the world, even though
    that may render me an outcast?

    This has a place in me and is present at numerous point in my life. As I have spent so many years in different places I had the difficulty in finding roots. This also gave me opportunities to reset aspects of my personality in hopes of finding good footing socially… BUT I always ended up back being myself. Sometimes I fit, sometimes and more often than not I sort of fit. As if I was a part of my surroundings and was observant that I was not and could not be. Like participating was a choice I had to make over and over again. And I did, until those choices created something that was not me.

    As of late (and maybe a bit longer, time is weird) I have more succinctly found that the more I choose to dive into the parts of me that are expressing themselves the more joy I have in the activities that I may have once viewed as odd or not what fits into the norm. But what is the norm? Who is the average person? And what is it that we are leaving from if thoughts arise that we do not fit? Questions that are not only worth pondering but I think are crucial to freeing yourself from the psycho-spiritual constraints of our world.

    I literally want to give you a high five and cheer you on as you shed the iron-laden cloak of responsibility to anything other than what you deem important in this life. Free and easy wanders the seeker questing for what has true and authentic meaning. ✊