• Vicki Rivard

    March 30, 2022 at 10:57 am

    Dear Benjamin,

    Adding my voice to the chorus here, in thanking you for sharing of yourself so vulnerably and courageously.

    There is so much soul comfort that comes from witnessing another’s sharing and from seeing our own themes and patterns show up in another’s story—it leads to instantly feeling less alone in the world (and I felt that, while reading this).

    I think it is incredible—and it deserves mention and celebration—that the lead of your embodied experience has led to the gold of THIS. THIS community. THIS level of work. THIS type of leadership. THIS collective dreaming of “a new possibility.” THIS beam of hope amidst the growing rubble.

    It feels like divine timing, for me, to be here, right now. I am certain that many others in the group feel the same way. As the foundation continues to crack beneath our feet, here we are, in a place that is allowing us to dream of a better way—and not only to dream of it, but to plant ourselves into the dark soil of the soul and to CREATE IT, with your and Lorie’s special kind of magical and wise guidance.

    I am in awe, and deeply grateful.

    I honour your continued journey in recognizing your signals and tending to your boundaries (so hard) and to knowing what you want and asking for it (SO HARD). And I join you in this lifelong search for a deeper spiritual understanding of life (and death, and life again).

    Thank you, Benjamin. I look forward to this weekend.