• Hung Tran

    March 31, 2022 at 2:00 am

    Thank you for such a clear, helpful and fully considered response Lorie.

    It has beautifully weaved my personal perspective into the collective archetype and so contextualised it for me. There’s a sense of relief to have this perspective reflected and seen.

    I have taken on board the advice and added Star of Bethlehem.

    I must say that I’m feeling more in touch with all this material and yet with a deeper presence within myself. I have connected to my personal healing practices again, having abandoned them for some time. What got revealed in the mining of the prima materia was the sense that “I don’t even feel worthy enough to cultivate myself.” and “what was the point if I’d never really get anywhere anyway.”

    What’s changed in recent weeks is a deep wish to just explore what cultivation means to me, and to discover where I’m coming from rather than where I’m getting when I engage with the.

    And through the amazing bunch of people in the small labs group, I’m learning to trust and entrust myself to others in a safe and intentional space.

    Thank you to you, Benjamin and your wonderful team for creating and holding an immensely powerful and loving space for all of us to explore and to truly heal…

    From my heart….