• Lauren Potts

    April 5, 2022 at 5:21 am

    Hey Sarah,

    Interesting to me that I read your dream a bit before bed the other night and then also had a packing dream. In mine I was supposed to be hosting a birthday party for my daughter at a roller skating rink but at party time I was super unprepared. I sent her ahead with the moms of other classmates and said I would be right there in a few minutes. Then I kept thinking of things I had forgotten and packing more and more – lots of “just in case” items. The whole time worrying that time was ticking and we only had the rink for 2 hours. In the end I didn’t arrive until the very end of the party only to find that my daughter wasn’t feeling well and another mom was stressed having to be with her.

    Different scenarios for our dreams, for sure, but the packing bit under pressure does feel like a pretty clear message about feeling stressed about preparation for something. A journey and opportunity in your case – hosting and leading something in mine. I’m reflecting on places that I delay moving forward with the idea that I need to gather “just one more thing.” I wonder if there are places for you that you feel stressed about missing an opportunity and like you’re not sure you have what you need? Maybe a fit, maybe not – let me know.