• Liz Fullerton

    April 7, 2022 at 5:09 am

    Hi Lorie,

    Thank you so much for this response! It really helps to out me back in my center to read this.

    I got this image as I read your response, it felt like an old image of a western medical college where I am sitting at the center of the auditorium and presenting something. There are all these men, smoking and conjecturing and yelling down to me. But I am seated in my self-hood, I am presenting something that I am curious about and excited about and so I am open to the learning but also am protecting myself from the rampant patriarchy in this room. These men are both scholars and interjects, and when I noticed that it felt more playful on my part than serious. They didn’t seem to like that, which just made me want to play more :).

    Thank you for naming the negative animus, I have the inclination to find out more about that now through Jung’s work. I am also realizing through reading this that the biggest tool is inner sensing. Cultivating this practice, as we are, will help me to discern if this is a young wound pattern or a larger societal pattern, and to be kind and present to it either way. Thanks Lorie! Sending you lots of love.