• Cara Brockbank

    April 9, 2022 at 9:21 am

    Joanne–thank you for sharing your powerful medicine journey. Your writing is so rich and beautiful! To experience the love of the universe at the same time as the deep pain of protecting your heart is a lot to hold and feel. And to explain it as you have, is to me, a miraculous work of art. As I read your words, an image comes to my mind. I imagine your indestructible heart as a precious seed that is buried deeply…and ready to emerge in a new way. Now that the armor around your heart feels seen, it can rest and soften into a rich soil that supports and nourishes your heart. Your precious heart can feel safe to send down her roots and deeply connect–and have the freedom to sprout up to absorb all the love and sunshine.

    I’m holding this image for you and sending all good thoughts (and hugs) as you integrate this incredible experience.