• Lorie Dechar

    April 12, 2022 at 1:17 pm

    Greetings Anita! Yes, this is the perfect place to post brief clinical case questions. If the case or question is more complex than I can answer in this email format, I may suggest bringing it to an Office Hour or setting up a formal private supervision session with me.

    As for your question which is quite straightforward and very relevant to our Wood season conversation, I have some immediate thoughts in response but would of course welcome others to chime in with their own reflections or experiences.

    I suspect that the abrupt, unsupported, “cold turkey” withdrawal from alcohol did have an effect not only on the spirit but also on the zangfu of the Liver, particularly given the hx of Hep C and the after effects of the Liver of the meds used to “cure it.”

    If you read the section on the Hun in Five Spirits, you will find a number of suggestions for supporting the Hun. In this case, in addition to walks in nature in the spring air, I might consider a low dose course of Milk Thistle tincture and morning Lemon Water to detox the Liver.

    Of course, you will continue to work closely with her doctor as far as her BP and requirement for medication but meanwhile, I recommend keeping the treatments relatively simple. AE (which we will review at Office Hours in May) would be a great treatment. Also, consider rice grain moxa on the Outer Bladder Line point, Bladder 42, Hun Men, to bring the Hun into connection with the body.

    And keep us posted!