• Lauren Potts

    April 13, 2022 at 10:00 am

    Hey Vicki, just a follow up note to say I did share your altar story with my patient when she returned. She shared that she has already done this and she lovingly tends the altar and spends time with it each day, bringing flowers and sweet little things like kids jewelry that make her think of her daughter. She also said as a family (she has a 2 year old) they have taken to including her child that died in their nighttime routine, reading a book for the baby and tucking in a particular stuffy to help her son be present with both the baby’s spirit, and with the loss. Heart aching, but also sweet and comforting, as you described of your own process. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

    I think this mama I’m treating is doing well, all things considered, and I’m truly in awe of her courage and voice in this process. She’s recently returned to work – she’s a high school teacher – and she sent an email ahead of her to colleagues and students explaining what happened and inviting them to talk to her about it if they want to and to feel free not to if it made them uncomfortable, but know they do not need to tiptoe around her. That she was pregnant and no one needs to pretend it never happened. She’s walking this as gracefully as I can imagine one doing and being so true to her feelings through it all.