• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    April 20, 2022 at 10:58 am

    Hi Anita – thanks, as always, for your great Gemini questions! I’ll be interested to hear what Lorie has to say to this particular inquiry, but I’ll also chime in.

    I would say unequivocally that connecting to joy is healing! Whether that joy is rooted in experiences of childhood or is discovered through activities and experiences in the present, joy as the related emotion to the Fire Element is surely connected to the Fire Spirit of Shen. Interestingly, too, in astrology we associate joy with the energetic of Leo (a Fire sign) and the corresponding 5th house, which also shares an association with the Sun. Not that Leo is the only sign that can experience joy, but there is something inherent to that particular astrological energy that is connected to joy and pleasure.

    In my own life, it’s been crucial to my healing process to reconnect to my inner child. It’s also been very important not to identify with that part of me, but to maintain a certain space between adult Benjamin and little “Neal” (my birth name was Neal Benjamin). In this way, I can relate to that younger part of me and feel what he needs. Often, doing things that make him feel happy or a sense of joy is ultimately healing and beneficial to me as an adult. I had an experience of that just this week while playing in the ocean surf while visiting a friend in California.

    I loved the Donny and Marie Show when I was a kid, so it was fun to see that video you shared! 😀

    And with regard to your P.S. … yes, how are you doing in body/mind/spirit … that’s the question! And it’s really a gift when we can create a space for someone to truly feel our interest in all those levels of their well-being.