• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    April 20, 2022 at 11:17 am

    Judy – thank you for sharing this dream with all of us, and for providing the context from your life that allows a deeper understanding. Given what you’ve shared, I also find Carolyn’s interpretation resonant, and of course what is most important is that her interpretation resonates for you!

    I immediately became curious about Uranus’ configuration in your natal chart in reading this post. Of course, your ability to depart from your mainstream training in psychiatry will require a leaning into that Uranus as well as some reliance on your Mars to find the courage to speak your own truth … a truth no doubt rooted in your experience. In addition to my own conviction that mainstream psychiatry could likely benefit greatly from a fresh perspective that departs from pharmaceuticals, I feel a great excitement in reading your proposed book title: Chironic Psychiatry: Sacred Healing without Pharmaceuticals.

    And, I know I don’t have to point out to you, but it’s worth stating explicitly that your natal Uranus makes the exact opposition to Chiron. That Uranus in Leo and in the 8th also rules your third house of communication, with Mars in that house. Mercury conjuncts your Libra MC, is the most elevated planet of your chart, and the ruler of your MC, Venus, is conjunct Pluto and from the 8th house. Saturn in Scorpio also conjuncts your North Node. And the Venus/Pluto conjunction squares your nodes. There is so much 8th/Pluto/Scorpio energy in these configurations, which feels to me like a strong calling to bring forth some deep and transformational truth (that of a distinctively Feminine voice) that will likely be upsetting to the status quo.

    How much progress have you made to date on the book?