• Lorie Dechar

    April 20, 2022 at 12:22 pm

    Hmmmmm …. interesting dream, Judy. The direction I fee called to explore would be to look at the three main characters here – you (dream ego), teenage boy (your youngish animus who is still in a process of maturation so that “he” can back you up with your writing project), and the mother who has had a “secret affair” (could this be your “secret affair” with alternative medicine, astrology and alchemical psychiatry? Or the split between the “Mother Goddess” part of you – the highly experienced psychiatrist / therapist who has been collectively trained and the wilder, erotic, creative part who is having a secret affair and daring now to “come out” about it in a book?).

    In any case, there is something about this whole situation that is leading to a split in the animus whose “growing edge” aka “new phallus” on his / your foot has a different DNA from the rest of him / you!

    Questions that arise:

    • Is this particular triangle familiar to you? Does it have any kind of connection to an earlier family kind of shape?
    • Now that “the pimple is popped” and the secret of the book is leaking out, how can you take care of your self? What kind of protection do you need to make a boundary between your creative work and the attacking voices of collectively accepted psychiatry? How can you keep what is good and useful about your psychiatric training and move aside what no longer serves you? Take a look at the Fire Officials and consider how you might bring your Small Intestine into this process of discernment asking the question: What is mine? What is not mine? (information on the Small Intestine in Kigo, the Boundaries Video and Alchemy of Inner Work and we will be discussing it in more depth on our Fire Gathering in June).
    • How can you strengthen a more healthy relationship to your maturing but somewhat lame (injured foot / Hephaestus-like) animus who is also the one who can help you go deep and find the shiny gems and precious metals of your Underworld?
    • What about doing some Active Imagination with the teenage boy? We are going to go over that process in depth at the next Office Hours and I think it could be a very useful way for you to work with this dream.

    Looking forward to seeing where this leads!