• Kari Knapstad

    April 27, 2022 at 1:53 am

    Hi Benjamin,

    Witnessing Kenneth shifting his perspective from the contraction of a job ending to embracing the future has been amazing. Knowing that his chart basically alluded to his job ending in May makes a big difference. His Passover/Easter/Libra Full Moon/green dragon evolution is bringing his sound healing to the corporate world and larger events as a full time career. As businesses are bringing their employees out of their home offices and back into the workplace, these kinds of wellness perks are desirable. He is owning his gifts on a new level. We already are negotiating an event (potentially a monthly or quarterly thing) at a large wellness center in Arizona.

    Where this affects my Prima Materia of “I am alone” so beautifully is that he wants to do this together. He can and will bring in other musicians, but he wants the core of it to be us. I love how my world of healing arts and his world of music merge in this way. I’ve been waiting for this, cultivating this, dreaming this into being for a long time. The Green Dragon is unfurling its wings and preparing for flight. I’m so excited!