• Lorie Dechar

    April 27, 2022 at 8:24 am

    Christine! I love that you have posted this further exploration of your prima materia. It is exciting to witness how your process is unfolding.

    I feel a sense of relief, excitement and affirmation when I read these words about your writing process:

    I’ve received feedback from people that the writing of mine they enjoy the most is the pure raw expression, not the edited, trying to be something I thought people wanted storylines. They love seeing my process of creation

    This is such an important realization! It’s not that there is never any room for edits and refinement but I do agree that the most compelling writing (or creativity of any kind) emerges from pure raw expression rather than something we might think other people want.

    Bravo! for taking on this work and thank you for sharing your creativity with us. I look forward to seeing more 🌟