• Lorie Dechar

    April 27, 2022 at 8:37 am

    Interesting experience, Lucy! Definitely doesn’t fit into the box of rational, mental consciousness!

    I would describe your experience as one of “synchronicity” – a psychologically meaningful coincidence. From my perspective, when synchronicities show up – whether in our personal or professional lives – it is an indication that “I am in my Tao” – that I’m on track. So, as I read your description of these two clients, I have the sense that you are moving into territory that will be clinically rich and creative, that you are finding an important new facet of your work!

    As for the white birds specifically, the color white in alchemy is related to the phase of the transformational process known as the albedo which means whitening and is also sometimes referred to as the washing, cleansing or purifying stage of the work. The white dove or white bird is often used to symbolize this stage of the process and you will find images of white birds in many ancient alchemical drawings.

    Since both treatments had to do with post-trauma work, I have the sense that the white birds came as a way to affirm that clearing is underway and the patients are opening to deeper levels of recovery!

    Beautiful work, Lucy! It’s so good that you are already bringing these tools into your treatment room. Keep us posted as you continue this exploration.