• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    April 27, 2022 at 6:33 pm

    Dear soul sister Karla – I had my own profound coming together of parts this week in response to some reading I did in the book Educated. If you’ve not read it, I know you will appreciate the story and the author’s voice, though I warn you it could be triggering. What she wrote was this,

    Days later, when it was confirmed that I was not pregnant, I evolved a new understanding of the word ‘whore,’ one that was less about actions and more about essence. It was not that I had done something wrong so much as that I existed in the wrong way. There was something impure in the fact of my being.

    I want to write more about this on our network, but your post has caused me to share it first here. I think in my own work with my voice I am understanding that I, too, existed in the wrong way within my family. And how can such a message not shut down our hearts, and then impact the expression and quality of our voices?

    I love that you are coming to these new and deeper understandings about yourself, that you are asserting yourself and relating to your anger, your creativity, your dreams with such mindfulness. And that you are reclaiming, recovering, redeeming your voice! Oh, how the world needs to hear your voice!