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  • Carmen Ramirez

    May 2, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Thank you Sarah,

    She went into labor at 40.2 weeks. Her cx’s weren’t as strong/effective.

    Yes, it had been over 24 hours when the MW admitted her.

    Ah, the house was anything but quiet. It’s interesting because I tried remaining in “the background” of things because even I felt overwhelmed by all the flurry in the house . IMO, yes there was too much excitement/noise. It was like house party which I get is a choice but it felt too much given the circumstances. This was definitely an example of when too much of a “good thing” isn’t so good. Again, the MW was the lead on all as should be.

    I will say this though. She ended up at the hospital just before the roads got flooded, there was a BIG storm that came through just as they were admitted. There were so many external forces at work that day.

    <font face=”inherit”>One of the things I discovered when I came to the house was she </font>hadn’t<font face=”inherit”> taken most of the herbs for labor prep and others I’d given to her before. There was definitely compliance issue with lapses in care for months. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>Would you say the chaotic/ anxiousness of mother and environment made it so baby </font>couldn’t <font face=”inherit”>descend? What are your thoughts on the </font>whole<font face=”inherit”> failing to engage? She ended having a scheduled cesarean in the next pregnancy and all was smooth. She asked I be her doula for that case even knowing I </font>couldn’t<font face=”inherit”> attend the birth </font>because<font face=”inherit”> she wanted my calming energy as she put it. She expressed to me privately months later there had been too much intensity the day of the birth- and I would say throughout the pregnancy itself. </font>

    <font face=”inherit”>Thinking this through, I guess this answers my question on the case itself. </font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>I would appreciate additional</font><font face=”inherit”> input on failing to engage from a CM paradigm. Is suspended fetus the same as lack of engagement? Is </font>this<font face=”inherit”> a term common in our medicine? I have only heard (or remember) it from the course with Sharon. Do we, in addition to treating the patients Ddx consider something additional when theres lack of engagement?</font>

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    <font face=”inherit”>Thank you,</font>

    <font face=”inherit”>Carmen </font>

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