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  • Sarah Tewhey

    Instructor's Assistant
    May 6, 2022 at 10:07 am

    I was wondering about the location because the only reason I could see that a fibroid that size might be risky would be if it was partially blocking a fallopian tube – thereby increasing risk of ectopic pregnancy as well as potentially being a factor in infertility. I would see if you can find out the location of the fibroids – as in where they actually are in her uterus.

    I would treat her with acupuncture and herbs based on your EAM differential dx and encourage a second opinion from a nurse midwife or ob/gyn. Where I practice it would be very unusual for a provider to be concerned about fibroids of the size creating a high risk pregnancy. It is also completely understandable that a comment like that from her GP would cause her to back off of trying…especially where she has already had the pain of one miscarriage. We can be such a huge help in these situations to encourage second opinions.