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  • Ece (she/her) Yildirim

    May 8, 2022 at 4:40 pm

    I’ve been increasingly interested in gathering research and case studies on supporting pregnant individuals through loss – either supporting a natural miscarriage or supporting a medically induced abortion. Relevant data would also include cases where someone naturally miscarried but had suspected retained tissue (non-emergency). I need to refine my topic a bit further, but I wanted to post here just to see if anyone is interested in a similar topic. I also welcome case studies or experience you may have working with loss.

    For myself, I’ve seen a handful of patients who were definitively told that they had an early loss, but the miscarriage had not yet taken place. They opted to wait to see if their body would naturally shed the tissue and postpone a D+C, and meanwhile saw me for treatment. I’ve also seen one or two folks following a miscarriage where I suspected some tissue retention even though they were not showing any classic red flags. I have not personally assisted in supporting a medically induced abortion, but my assumption is that it would be similar treatment plan to a natural miscarriage as well as alleviating any medication side effects.