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  • Ece (she/her) Yildirim

    May 11, 2022 at 1:55 pm

    I have some experience with assisting with prolapse! To start off – I see that you mentioned the patient is “doing exercises” but not currently under care of a pelvic PT. Do you mean that she’s doing kegels?

    If I’m understanding this correctly, it’s important that your patient stops doing kegels. Often birth (also other pelvic conditions like endometriosis) brings on muscular imbalances in the pelvic bowl. Certain muscles may “turn off” (no longer engage) or other areas may just remain tense all the time. Doing kegels unsupervised can often worsen this imbalance – further tightening tight areas and doing nothing to help re-engage the weakened areas. I’m sure the episiotomy scar isn’t helping things – a good pelvic PT should be able to help stretch out any fascial adhesions from the scarring. Needling Ren 1 to help release scarring is also an option but I’d rather refer them to a pelvic PT than jump right into needling the perineum!

    Without knowing more about her East Asian Medicine diagnosis I can’t offer too much in the way of treatment suggestions, but I often have a lot of success just working to bring support and nourishment to the pelvic bowl via moxa or choosing points that open up pelvic pathways. I also often do moxa on the Ren – so that is a good start for sure, but making sure any associated channels that are weakened are also supported. I often find myself using LV5 either to needle or moxa (LV5 being the luo that encircles the genitals), so moxa if there is a deficiency and needling if there is an excess.

    I hope that helps some!