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  • Debra Betts

    May 14, 2022 at 9:07 pm

    Hi Carla – in addition to the other comments I have found a general lifting qi treatment to be ST 13 with GV 20

    ST 13 with 1/2 cun needle -subcut directed to the tip of the acromion process and then press needles placed in situ and she can massage several times a day – especailly at times when it might feel worse – sometimes in the morning when they stand in the shower they notice more etc

    GV 20 angled towards Yin Tang – I have taught women to sue a 1/2 cun needle at home between f they feel its helpful – but can always massage and Amy has in past suggested using a hairdryer to add in the heat as Moxa not always practical

    I have in the past used acupuncture /laser on the perineum but have not found the need to using this approach –

    Obviously the earlier you can use treatment the better and two years is a long time – However my experience has been that improvement is still possible – if this treatment is useful I would expect a improvement within 24 hours – then you can build on this.

    There will be of course the underlying qi of her body and I am sure some emotional aspects that we can also help her with but if a physical trauma we can also work at lifting the central qi

    Have also used this for bladder leakage postpartum and vulval varicosities , haemorrhoids etc

    I have a student who is about to use this as part of a treatment for a women who had a uterine prolapse- she had a surgical sling to try and rectify this but is still in pain – so will let you know if useful for this as well – please let us know what happened 🙂