• Lorne Brown

    May 15, 2022 at 5:19 pm

    Laura added an additional expert conversation for the month of May.

    She had received a few questions and request on running a practice, adding associates, building a busy practice, developing referrals from IVF clinics , etc.

    Join us this Wednesday, May 18th from 9am PDT to about 10:15am PDT


    You know Laura as an expert in treating fertility and likely you know she is a very good entrepreneur. Hence she is one of the experts for our webinar on Wednesday

    Why am I on the panel? Good question, I ask myself this often 🙂

    I do have some credentials and life experience to include me as one of your experts on practice business success.

    You may not know this but I am a CPA. I was a professional accountant in a life before TCM.

    I wrote a book on this subject as well called Missing the Point: Why Acupuncturists Fail and What They Need to Know to Succeed. I have included a few chapters you can read online.

    And I created the Integrative Fertility Symposium (IFS) which sold out 5 consecutive years before being CX because of Covid. We were almost sold out for the 6 th year by the way.

    And I started Healthy Seminars (previously known as Pro D Seminars) in 2005 and took it online in 2008 when online learning for TCM did not exist. Blue poppy and Pro D were the innovators for offering streaming classes in TCM. We were told it would fail miserably. You cannot teach acupuncture online I was told. Well, you know how that all turned out 🙂

    Plus, I run a well established integrative clinic since 2000 called Acubalance Wellness Centre in Vancouver with 3 admin, 5 TCM (includes me) and 2 ND’s and about to add our 6th TCM (fingers crossed) in June.

    I will bring my knowledge and experience to our Expert conversation.

    There are some very successful and business knowledgeable members in our group so I hope this is a sharing webinar as there are more than just 2 experts in our group.

    Feel free to send questions ahead of the Wed webinar here on in the forums that you want to be addressed.