• Sharon Bacigalupi

    May 17, 2022 at 6:38 pm

    I am very much looking forward to this! Maybe it can be part 1 of 2 (or 3, 4)! 😉

    I did have a few thoughts that if time allows, I would love to hear your opinions as well as those of my fellow classmates:

    1. Avoiding burnout. There is actually a free seminar about this from Australia coming up that is focused on how to deal with burn out specifically for fertility acupuncturists. It can be hard to work with fertility patients and not see them get pregnant. Pregnancy is a high result we are trying to achieve and it can be challenging emotionally as a practitoner when our patients do not get pregnant – it can cause us to question our expertise and how successful we are.

    2. The day to day can get stagnant at times and it can feel like you’re doing the same things all the time, especially when many patients present with similar cases, how do you stay motivated and engaged after several years in?

    3. Generating more revenue and opportunity for growth. I have a 2 treatment room office and 1 employee. We each are in the office 3 days/week. On the days I am not in the office, I am doing admin, answering emails, new patient intakes and taking care of errands, personal appointments before picking up my kiddos from school. I would love to be able to find ways to grow and also increase income but not stretch myself thinner. What are some things you have done or are considering? Product sales? Courses? Telehealth? Health Coaching?

    4. I would love to hear about how practitioners structure their day and do they do it on their own or have staff to help (curious about virtual assistants). I have 2 treatment rooms so I see a patient every 30 minutes (10-12/day). I do spend time talking with each of my patients and I feel that relationship is really important – it lets them be heard which I think is super valuable to them and also allows you to learn more about what is going . I know some great practitioners speak only for a few minutes with their patients and see 4-6 patients per hour but with fertility, I feel like there is much to discuss. It would be great to learn about how you and classmates structure their patient appointments to be most efficient since working alone, there is less opportunity to learn from the experience of others.