• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    May 20, 2022 at 5:31 am

    Nicole! I want to echo what Lorie and Amy have shared to say thank you for offering this further and deeper dive into your prima materia. I can feel in your writing the ways you are bringing music, Chinese medicine, and consciousness into an alchemical mix for yourself and others. I want to experience it first hand, and your link is a good beginning.

    Though, I have a question about that … the first time I clicked it I was brought to a page that asked me to choose five artists whose music I love. That was a fun process, though difficult to choose only five. Once I had done that and clicked the “Done” button, I was taken to a page that offers me music to get started with (all songs that I actually know and love).

    But then I clicked your link a second time and it brought me to a playlist, which I’m assuming you put together? I will spend time with these songs.

    I am sure that, as you say, you are already integrating music in your healing work, but I also wonder if there might be a more formal offering – a workshop, a webinar, an experiential ‘experience’ that you might want to offer … on our platform, or live, or elsewhere? Let’s stay in conversation about that possibility. You are spinning some beautiful alchemy.