• Nicole Thiel

    May 21, 2022 at 10:52 pm

    Ahh.. Lorie, Thank you for your responses. I love how you are able to extend an invitation of openhearted reception to me ( and all of us ) My cells savor this on all levels as I receive it with gratitude. Savoring mutual appreciation. I am so glad I’m part of this remarkable mentorship and evolving community. Such richness received and offered.

    So glad you enjoyed the music offered. Glad you enjoyed the Taiko drummer. Definitely permeates the bones.

    Gotta to let you know that yes, the playlist was/is mine, but an unedited one. I intended to share the first piece “Bell Ringing in an Empty Sky” in context. YouTube decided to offer more of my Japanese music playlist. (smile ) Happy to share so many more, refined, playlists.

    Thank you for helping me to return/renew my soul love of music.

    Our conversations will continue to unfold.