• Nicole Thiel

    May 21, 2022 at 11:52 pm

    Benjamin, Thank you for reading and listening! Your feedback is deeply appreciated. Isecond your request to experience the integration ( especially the music ) firsthand. Me Too! Music wants to communicate in community. And in person.

    As I expressed above to Lorie, the link was to be focused. You Tube, Music and some pixies, I think led you in all directions. ( Interestingly, as I checked the link, not me. ) Glad the detours were ones you loved. I know I need more technical skills and a sound engineer for my next steps in playlist recording adventures. It’s in process.

    We’re in sync!. “I also wonder if there might be a more formal offering – a workshop, a webinar, an experiential ‘experience’ that you might want to offer … on our platform, or live, or elsewhere? Let’s stay in conversation about that possibility. ” Thank you for the invitation and encouragement. Definitely my intention to offer all of the directed formal experiences as you mentioned (still limited to online or individual since COVID) Continue to integrate, prepare & compose. I’m eager for the discussions. Will send you a PM . ⭐