• Babbie Stern

    May 28, 2022 at 6:30 am

    Thank you so much for a wonderful discussion in office hours and on this thread. Sarah and I were finishing up an extended weekend with the shaman that I’ve been working with and spent the day in the woods by the river with the Nature Spirits. I’m sorry we tuned in a few minutes late, and are looking forward to watching the recording. It’s beautiful to be integrating these teachings.

    We had dinner last night with some dear friends, both prominent allopathic physicians, and I was sharing with them about the alchemical healing mentorship. They asked me who I envisioned doing this kind of practice with, and my initial inclination was to say “everyone!”, but said instead “anyone who is willing to dive in and do deep inner work”. I can feel that there are some (many?) who want to keep it at “the level of the mind”, where the ego feels safe. “Devastating process of change” sounds ominous, but exactly what the collective needs to wake up and make a course reversal.

    Lorie, I love the stories in your books where you speak of patients coming in for something physical and through your beautiful ninja magic, weave in a deeper alchemical healing process. I am beyond grateful that you are sharing this with us.