• Lucy Lee

    May 28, 2022 at 12:20 pm

    I resonate with this in so many ways and am so grateful for you having taken the time and vulnerability to speak to it.
    Feeling the overwhelm of a busy demanding schedule and giving from an empty cup… About stepping into this bigger work and what that all that means… The need to take a break and shut off but also not feeling great about that… The being in the same part of the circle on a spiral… I hear you and it calms me to know I am not alone, so thank you.
    You coming back to your Prima Materia and that trust in yourself is such an affirmation/centering even within all the devastation.

    Hearing from others about Spiritual Temper Tantrums and Spiritual Hangovers is a reminder of language that helps me to make sense of it all as well.