• Lauren Potts

    May 31, 2022 at 9:17 am

    Hey Babbie, thank you for response and reflection. I resonate with every single word you shared! “Spiritual temper-tantrum” is exactly what this has been, and it is a desire to go back to sleep. But you’re right – that would never work for me as I know it would never work for you or most of us here. It’s not at all why we’re here.

    Being in a gorgeous spot at the north point of the Chesapeake Bay for the last several days definitely has me recalibrated and my nervous system more regulated. I also truly need alone time every day – time to go within and anchor in my own presence, in silence, without the pull of anyone else’s energy. I agree with your teacher and I can see that I’m experiencing these needs as a non-negotiable aspects of self care now where that wasn’t always the case before. I’ve observed it in my clients as well over the past two years. We’re called to show up with all that we know and given the reminders pretty quickly of why it doesn’t work well for anyone to half-ass this self care business once you’ve found things that work! Spiritual temper tantrum aside, I’m appreciative of the course corrections 🙂