• Lauren Potts

    May 31, 2022 at 9:31 am

    Hey Benjamin – it was a lovely weekend to be in nature and among a (very large) crew of close friends and all of our families. The kids had a blast roving in wild, independent packs through the woods and water, as Nature intended 🙂 I really did hope to get online for Soul Church and could have benefitted from that dose of soulfulness, but there was just no reception where we were. I will definitely be there next time and hope to make some other events on ANP this month as well.

    Thanks for your response above. I do see the Virgo aspect to this. My history in coming from such a large family and always feeling like I needed to show up for others before myself features prominently in this part of my learning as well. I bet you know something about that yourself too 😉 Which came first, the Virgo rising or the family circumstances? 🙃 That chicken/egg aspect of how a chart plays out in a life is fascinating to me!