• Kelli Pallansch

    May 31, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    I’ve been doing an active breathwork course to further support me in this whole process, clearing and moving qi. This week we are looking at anger. I am seldom angry – the emotion seems to have been tapped out of me after all the rage I grew up with.

    This morning while breathing, I decided to focus on all the seething feelings towards my mother (ha ha! “I’m fine, I seldom feel anger.”). While in the middle of my breathwork, me as a small child appeared and I was angry at how neglected and careless my caretakers were towards me. So I stood behind little me, put my hands on her shoulders, leaned over and showed her the red bird and the green dragon and how they were there for her. Suddenly they both started flapping their wings, kicking up a red dust of rage that I internalized from my mother. This dust gathered up in a cyclone shape and lifted up out of me and took off back to her. None of this happened in an angry way either. It left me feeling lighter and able to receive some deliciousness from myself and my ancestors/ guides/ source/ whathaveyou.