• benjamin@anewpossibility.com

    June 1, 2022 at 4:53 am

    Kelli! Hooray for Will Duncan and for X-days!! And for you!!! I appreciate your bringing him … and them … to our attention. Lorie and I do this; in fact, just the other night we sat down with our calendars and scheduled what we log as DO NOT BOOK days, but X-day is much more concise. 😉

    I loved reading about yours, imagining you moving through your X-day with ease. I know personally the deep satisfaction in getting five loads of laundry done (as a meditation) and Bi-Rite Market is one of my most favorite places to shore for food in the world. I’ve only ever been to the one in the Mission, but I’m guessing there are other locations.

    And your distinction between self-soothe and self-care is really on point and helpful. Thanks for articulating it … makes great sense to me and feels like an important distinction to bring to any work with alchemical healing.

    I applaud you for putting X-days in your calendar on a regular basis. I’ve found the same … that even one day … or a few intentional hours, can make a world of difference.

    Thanks so much for this share!