• Rebecca Donnelly

    June 3, 2022 at 9:47 am

    So I just wanted to check in for a moment about some movement and the inherent discomforts that tag along with that. I know that both Lorie and Benjamin recommended Trumpet Vine as a flower essence for me in relationship to my Prima Materia. It is only when I went back to read the suggestions again that I am hearing the part about it being a great fit for in the summer after some other work. So, I don’t know if taking it sooner has any bearing on my current feelings.

    I started trumpet vine about a month ago. I don’t actually know if it is related or not but it sort of feels that way to me. About a month ago I began entering some serious boundary issues in relationship to colleagues and to patients. I had to have some hard conversations that were really outside of my realm of comfort and required a fair amount of coaching from family and friends. These conversations ended in terminating the relationships. I did so clumsily. It had the desired outcome and there was some part of me that was like “hell yes! I stood up for myself!”. It must be the trumpet vine! lol. As time is moving forward I am having some strange feelings of regret or shame or fear that someone else is going to be super angry with me or dislike me or sue me. . . etc.

    I am hopeful that the funny feelings are because this is new? And it was a bit clumsy? I am hopeful that the experience will help me set up better boundaries initially in all relationships especially those related to work. I see the work that needs to be done around communication with patients and expectations and getting things put into words as a container. The class on Heart boundaries was incredibly timely around all of this!

    I do sense the sensation of constriction in my throat is less as of recent. It is more diffuse and centers more around my heart these days.

    I would love some feedback on whether continuing with the flower essence is a good idea or does it make sense to take a break?

    Sending love and looking forward to our next gathering!!