• Vicki Rivard

    June 4, 2022 at 7:14 am

    Dear Lorie,

    Hi! I’d like to update you on my experience with Cerato.

    In short: WOW WOW WOW!

    I already shared this story with my small group, but have decided to share it here too.

    I have always been a big believer in magic while, at the same time, doubting the effectiveness of flower essences. I had not personally experienced their power before and, as such, had never felt comfortable recommending them to others.

    Well… that has now changed forever!

    I have been taking Cerato for longer than a moon cycle and, a few weeks ago, experienced something truly miraculous.

    I was at my beloved Hospice, visiting colleagues and seeing how I felt there (as I am in the process of deciding whether or not to return to work in September).

    While at the Hospice, two things happened that made me go: “Whoa. Cerato.”

    The first: A colleague asked me a question. It was a simple question, but also a controversial one in our current intense and divisive political climate. The old me would have panicked internally and, most likely, lied/tweaked the truth. But as I stood there, faced with this question, time seemed to slow down and I literally FELT the truth travel out of my heart and up my throat. Before I even knew what was happening, my mouth was open and I answered honestly: “No.”


    No is a complete sentence. No is a POWERFUL word. No was the truest and clearest thing I could have said in that moment—and I said it. And I felt strong saying it. My voice did not shake. My mind did not race. My feet felt firmly planted on Earth and my truth felt ALIVE and FREE. That sense of freedom reverberated through my entire body and made me feel light (light as in illuminated; light as in less heavy).

    The second: During a meeting with a colleague who recently did something that made me feel both sad and betrayed, I was able to calmly and kindly express to her those feelings of sadness and betrayal. I had NOT planned on doing this! Again, it was like the truth literally climbed out of my heart, flew up my throat, and opened my mouth in order to be gently spoken. There was no stopping it! It needed to be heard (and it was beautifully received by my colleague).

    It was after I left the Hospice, and was driving home, reflecting on the events of the day, that I thought: “Whoa. Cerato.”

    I know that the old me would NOT have spoken truthfully in either of these situations. I would have swallowed the truth in order to be liked, and felt myself grow energetically weaker, disappointed in myself, and resentful of others.

    Instead, that day, I felt strong. Amazed. Proud. Safe.


    Cerato has helped me trust and express my inner knowing and voice; it has helped me understand that it is, in fact, safe to be me.

    I am so grateful (to Cerato and to YOU, for recommending it!)

    My bottle of Cerato is nearly empty and I am wondering what my next flower essence should be on this journey of “courageously expressing my truth and self.”

    Thank you, Lorie.

    I look forward to seeing you, Benjamin, and the rest of the wizards next Sunday.